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Clicking on various coloured words around the site will take you to new “pages” or “posts”. The clue as to where is often in the coloured words themselves. You will not be charged for reading more than one page, unlike all other blogs.

The text in this blog has been painstakingly tested on over 100 different internet browsers. The words should appear in the correct order and have the same interest and humour value regardless of your platform. If you do not find one of the posts interesting or amusing, it’s likely there is a problem with your computer or browser. Please e-mail me with details of your computer configuration, browser, mood at the time, and tracklisting of any music you may have been playing while reading. And a list of any possible distractions, interruptions or financial worries.

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Feel free to comment on any post, as long as it is not about Cialis or cheap Gucci handbags.

Please share anything you like with your friends, unless you are a joyless, friendless loner whose only enjoyment in life is finding internet things that a lot of other people haven’t seen. There are sharing buttons on some pages (all over the fucking place if you ask me) which help you do this. You can share with Facebook or Google+ or the one that Stephen Fry invented, or Reddit. There’s a button for LinkedIn there as well, it came with the rest, I’m not sure if people share internet shit on LinkedIn I think they try to be more serious on that one and talk about how effective, motivated and multi-skilled they are within an international goal-led objective-focussed business. But go on and try sharing it on there anyway, actually, let me know how you get on.


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