Really bored? And yet also bored of all the content on this site? Have you literally read everything, or aren’t in the slightest bit interested in my ramblings but ended up here by mistake?

Well, how about something which is completely fuck all to do with anything else on the site AND, to be perfectly honest, doesn’t even really belong here at all? And yet is engaging, time-consuming and frustrating. Read on…

Every couple of weeks I produce some kind of activity or gag for my team at the work bar on a Friday night. Sometimes these are simply photoshopped pictures of my team or senior management in various incriminating positions, but other times it’s a quiz or a game. On this occasion it was a picture quiz for the London Underground.

Some months later, some cunts at CBS Outdoor stole this idea and produced a very fancy billboard based on MY IDEA, and spent fucktonnes of money making it all lovely and nice. So I decided to boycott them forever, and will never be buying media space from them again.

Rules: All the images represent stations on the standard Tube Map, which is included below for reference.

Answers: You can see the answer (but only after spending many hours trying to guess) by right-clicking and saving the file – you don’t actually need to save it, the name of the station is in the name of the file.

Use this for reference, the rule is if it's on here it could be in the quiz.

Use this for reference, the rule is if it’s on here it could be in the quiz. Click through to open it full-size…


Tell me in the comments how many you got, you can’t do any worse than some of the people I work with 🙂

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