Oh here’s an anecdote for you, so what started out as a simple lick of paint for McCannecdotes.com about a month ago, ended up being a total fucking nightmare of nothing working as it should and endless nights staring at code (and some porn). The result is a site that does pretty much everything the old site did, has some capital letters in places the old one didn’t, and is somewhat easier to put videos onto. I’m just kidding there are many, many benefits to the new site, including the ability to look at every post on a single page, more prominent use of Twitter, which means I’ll have to start using it, and the ability to give every post a subtitle, which is fantastic if I think of two puns for the same story. But I’m sure you have many questions about the new layout and how it will affect your lifestyle, and I’m sure there are already several Facebook groups set up in protest, campaigning for McCannecdotes.com to go back to the old way.

No-one likes change. Except the homeless. Here’s the Q&A.


I’m new here, what has changed?

Nothing at all, move along. Enjoy.


Why did you redesign the site?

The old site dated from 2009. Which is more dating than I’ve been doing in that time. Look, I was bored, and the old site was very very old – much as I tried to spice it up, it just needed rebuilding from scratch. Plus I’ve got more video content for the site, and so I needed a design that was better-placed to show that off.


Where can I find X, Y and Z?

On a maths site.


Something looks funny, what should I do?

Read it.


This Q&A isn’t an anecdote.

Well, when I print it off and accidentally give myself a paper cut with it, it will be. By the way, your “question” wasn’t a question.


What if I prefer the old site, what can I do?

Ha ha ha. Jog on… Actually you better sprint.


I love the new site, what should I do first, I’ve never been this excited I think I’m going to be sick?

Firstly, connect yourself to me as much as you possibly can without it being sexual. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, follow me on Twitter, Like the Facebook page, subscribe to the blog by e-mail (it’s at the bottom of the page). The buttons and icons are all over the site, it’s nauseating, but at least it means there’s no excuse for missing an update. Secondly, tell ALL your friends, share everything with everyone you have ever met, to the point they think I am paying you to be my social marketing whore. When I am the internet’s most famous comedian I will send you a PDF of a thank you letter than you can print out and display in your home or office.


I think, I’m not sure, but I might have missed some posts from the old site, can I still read them?

Are you fucking kidding me, how can you not have read everything? You might have missed the best ones! Thankfully, the new site still has all my old (timeless, classic, enduring) material, AND I’ve made it easier to browse, just click the button below to see the title and intro to every post ever (probably including this one) in one page.



You’re not posting as much as before, have you run out of material?

This is a Q&A about the redesign not an opportunity for cheap digs about my recent lack of updates. Yes, there will be more posts in the near future as I have a backlog of material.


Lastly, is there anything YOU would like to ask ME?

Yes, did you share your favourite posts with your friends yet and go on my YouTube and Twitter and Facebook like I asked you to?


I’m doing it now, promise. What if I think of more questions?

Send them using the form below. I promise to answer you personally, even though I’m told some of the things I say to people are too personal.


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