A couple of weeks ago, I sent some of my online dating questionnaire to one my female friends, to see what she thought.

She responded with just this mocking quote:

“I found this really cute-sounding guy on eHarmony. Problem is, I think he uses humour as a defence-mechanism and is therefore emotionally unavailable”

She was probably spot on, I was aware of the fact that making lots of jokey comments might not give the best impression, but that’s just me, and right now – since I’m not desperate to find someone and I’m fine on my own – I have that option of just completely being myself and not trying to “play the game”. I could probably, with not too much effort, dramatically increase the number of responses I get on there just by applying a few common tricks on what you should or shouldn’t do, or by changing my profile so I sound like everyone else.

And that’s part of the problem about this kind of thing, everyone puts the same fucking stuff. “Oh the most important things to me are my friends, my family and my health”. Yeah, maybe they are, but what the fuck does that tell me about you? Nothing. Tells me either you are a normal everyday person, or you are a crazy mass-murdering sociopath who is copying what “normal everyday” people would put. Either way I’m none the wiser! The most suspicious thing about this online dating lark is there are not enough freaks and weirdos, which leads me to believe, people just lie.

I’ve been honest in my profile, and in my answers to the questionnaire, but there was one question I probably shouldn’t have been so honest about:

Women are supposed to prefer honesty, right?

Women are supposed to prefer honesty, right?

Now, on this occasion I did later change this, as I don’t think I’d get so much as a wink from a single girl who read this. Shame. I don’t get why it’s acceptable for her to say she lives with her kids but I can’t say I live with my ex…

Anyway, here are some more answers from my questionnaire:

...yes, garden.

…yes, garden.

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