Hello, welcome to my blog. A few people have suggested I should write down the comedy happenings which seem to occur everyday in my life, and most likely, those few people will be the only people who read this – really it would be quicker to phone them up each day and tell them over the phone. But maybe if I write everything down, I could one day adapt everything into a book, as a couple of people have asked. Again, those couple of people would be the only ones who’d buy it, and since they’re mates I’d probably give them a free copy, so…. yeah I haven’t really thought any of this through have I. I’m 100 words into my first post and I’m already feeling like a minority of needy friends whose lives are lacking comedy are leeching my life away.

I haven’t decided whether to stick to just funny things, or use to express other thoughts. My only other previous blog – Sarajevo Rose, about my voyage around the former Yugoslavia – had a mixture of both and many (yes, MANY) readers said it made them laugh, cry, and even inspired them to visit those countries, including my beloved Bosnia & Hercegovina.

I will of course have to be careful what I post (esp. after discovering my Sarajevo blog was recently getting 3000 hits per month even though I never advertised it and only told friends about it). I’ll have to unfortunately omit my many great anecdotes about senior PlayStation management 🙁 mainly because I love my job and don’t want to be found dead somewhere with a PSP-branded umbrella handle sticking out of my arse.

Post comments if you read something you like, or even don’t like. If you can be bothered doing it on my Facebook page, there’s no excuse here.


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