Sadly, I can’t tell many of my stories from work, because either a) you had to be there, b) you wouldn’t know the people or the backstory, or c) they are commercially sensitive. And I’m all too aware that gaming journos watch this website keenly waiting for the day when I might spill the goss on the inner workings of the world’s premier entertainment business.

However that day will have to wait until I am ready to serialise my industry memoirs entitled “Game For A Laugh”.

In the meantime you’ll have to make do with the occasional titbit unlikely to bring down the PlayStation empire.

Today, here’s a little gem I found from my “work comedy (not safe for work, but safe for not work)” folder:

It’s an actual price tag from a retailer for the ubiquitous PlayStation 2 game pad.

Plug n Play Anal Pad Dual Shock

Plug n Play Anal Pad Dual Shock

We’ve sold literally billions of these the world over, I’m sure you can see why.

Perfect for Grand Theft Arsehole or RingStar…

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