If you’ve stumbled across this site with no interest in anecdotes or my life at all, but a yearning desire to know every last detail of the mundane day-to-day process of running a website, then you have come to the right place after all.

Here is where I will record the various updates done to the look and functionality of the site.

  • Added some star ratings to the posts to help guage what ones people like the most
  • Scheduled weekly back up of the site now there is quite a lot of shit to lose if the server explodes
  • Added new default commenter icons and removed stupid bastard Gravatar plugin
  • Removed date from McRandomdotes panel. It was truly random, in that it had no relation to the date of the posts featured…
  • Finally managed to removed pesky pieces of image code from the McRandomdotes panel
  • Added “Life Tools” page
  • Made introduction on homepage more welcoming…
  • Added McRandomdotes panel to top of homepage and bottom of post pages
  • Finally got a good random posts solution
  • Implemented several random posts solutions and removed them because they were shit
  • Changed post-label to M sign
  • Removed annoying redundant space between menu bar and content
  • Adjusted search box position
  • Finally fixed Internet Explorer 10 favicon
  • Amended post/archive display count to 6. This puts more articles on the homepage, which was not my intention, but also returns more results per page when clicking tags, categories or doing a search
  • Created “Featured” tag, enabling me to link to a customisable selection of ‘best posts’
  • Added Featured Post widget to promote strong content to newcomers … in case my most recent posts happened to be shitter than the average
  • Added M sign to “About” pages so their thumbnail isn’t a fuzzy Facebook logo if they appear on the homepage Top Posts widget; setting Featured Image wasn’t working for this problem
  • Uploaded favicons, Internet Explorer still not working
  • Added pagination to homepage, so everything doesn’t display in one go. Nice that I now have enough content for that to be required


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