About McCannecdotes

This blog is a journal of my exploits and adventures, current and historic, and the humorous nonsense that befalls me. I started this in 2009 and lost interest a few posts in but I’ve recently rebooted it (see new logo).

I’ll try to keep in up to date with any current shenanigans and also use it as an archive of stories past, times that will never be lived again, moments of hilarity that are becoming fewer and fewer as I reach middle-age. I’ll probably cry when I read it back.

Oh you might be asking “what’s a mccannecdote?” Well the official definition down Oxford way is:

A type of anecdote which is usually met by the initial reaction “fuck off that never fucking happened, seriously?” but which turns out subsequently to be true.

For more, see my first post, aptly titled What The Fuck Is This Shit?


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