Tube Tales

The Underground Pie Fight

October 17, 2013

I snapped tonight. No, I’ve not been doing yoga again, this was on the commute home. If you’re a regular reader you will know this has been coming for some time, my journey to the Tube an ordeal because of inconsiderate brolly owners and religious zealots, and my journey on the Tube a constant source of fury because of selfish twat commuters. Well, tonight I fought …

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Taking The Tube To Manchester

July 4, 2013

Imagine you’d never met me (some of you haven’t; you should, I’m nice) and I went up to you in a train station in London and said “Excuse me, can you do me a favour, I need a newspaper, but rather than going to the newsagent just over there and buying one, I’d rather give you the money and you go to Manchester for me by train, pick one up …

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Is Clapping Common on the Northern Line?

February 27, 2013

The Tube has always been a source of amusement for me, as you might have discovered in one of my earliest posts (the coloured underlined text is a hint to go and discover it now if you hadn’t already, I even added a new photo to it). No matter how many times you have heard or seen “mind the gap”, nothing quite prepares you for …

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Why Do People Hate The Tube, It’s Amazing!

August 25, 2009

One thing sets me aside from all other Londoners. I love the Tube, sometimes the Tube journey contains the highlights of my day. Sure it’s cramped and stuffy and almost unbearable in summer, but most days it’s like speeding through a comedy goldmine … and it’s how London’s cutest girls get to work. Where else could you end up pondering whether it’s wrong to fancy …

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