The Checkout Girl – Part II

PREVIOUSLY IN “THE CHECKOUT GIRL” ANECDOTE: I fancied the big-nosed Polish girl from Sainsbury’s, bought t-shirt to impress her, went shopping, bought a tonne of crap, she wasn’t there. Then she turned up, I bought a tonne more crap, went to checkout, everything I bought was shaped like a dong, she noticed the t-shirt, said […]

The Checkout Girl – Part I

InĀ a previousĀ post I introduced my “Polish Girls Are The Best” t-shirt and the kind of shenanigans it got me into, but that wasn’t what it was originally destined for. I had it printed more specifically as an ice-breaker to a Polish beauty working in my local Sainsbury’s, whom I’d had my eye on for some […]

The Polish Incident

I went through a phase some years ago, of being rather fond of Polish girls, which culminated in me getting a special t-shirt printed to aid me in the identification of, and ice-breaking with, these unique creatures. The t-shirt says simply on the front (in Polish) “POLISH GIRLS ARE THE BEST” and it’s in Polish-flag red and white. It fitted my frame quite neatly for about two months after I bought it but had to be decommissioned when I gained weight and as the t-shirt gained notoriety. I would wear it to impress the HOT Polish girls at work (i.e. the Polish girls at work) and occasionally out when I fancied my chances using it as an ice-breaker in bars. The following tale is one of several adventures I had with this legendary t-shirt, and this story is the closest the t-shirt got me to any hot Polish action. I should reiterate, as I’m often asked, this story is actually completely true…