My True Colours

March 18, 2013

“Whit’s yer favourite colour wee man?” It’s a strange question to be asked in a dank seedy underpass. Maybe when I answered, the other young chap urinating against the wall with his back to me would turn around and my favourite colour would be written in marker pen on his forehead, perhaps these lads were merely travelling magicians. No, I knew exactly what was happening …

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How I Got My PlayStation

March 17, 2013

So I’d left my job as the world’s most smartly dressed web designer as described in an earlier post, and intended to set up business for myself, tired of the thankless grind of corporate life and of the fact that despite doing it every day for two years, I still couldn’t tie a fucking tie properly first time. Or second or third. Every day I …

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Left Luggage [Guest McCannecdote #1]

March 8, 2013

It came to me in a moment of inspiration. The problem with updating this blog is it’s so time-consuming to write my posts; how could I resolve this? Easy. Get someone else to write them. Hmmm, but then I’d need to tell them the story, then read it and check it so I wouldn’t really save time. So I came up with an ingenious solution, get other …

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Sitting On Your Arse Playing PlayStation All Day?

February 10, 2013

Sadly, I can’t tell many of my stories from work, because either a) you had to be there, b) you wouldn’t know the people or the backstory, or c) they are commercially sensitive. And I’m all too aware that gaming journos watch this website keenly waiting for the day when I might spill the goss on the inner workings of the world’s premier entertainment business. …

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