Site Redesign Q&A

September 2, 2013

Oh here’s an anecdote for you, so what started out as a simple lick of paint for about a month ago, ended up being a total fucking nightmare of nothing working as it should and endless nights staring at code (and some porn). The result is a site that does pretty much everything the old site did, has some capital letters in places the …

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The Problems With Having A Website

March 9, 2013

When I started this blog, I intended it as an efficient way to keep about 6 people up-to-date on the latest shenanigans in my life without having to tell them, call them or e-mail them individually. A noble ambition. Now with literally “some” or even “dozens” of readers, I’ve realised my ambitions were too muted. Now I want to run an international Polish t-shirt printing business, …

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Tube Map Picture Quiz

February 17, 2013

Really bored? And yet also bored of all the content on this site? Have you literally read everything, or aren’t in the slightest bit interested in my ramblings but ended up here by mistake? Well, how about something which is completely fuck all to do with anything else on the site AND, to be perfectly honest, doesn’t even really belong here at all? And yet …

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An Experiment In User-Generated Content

February 11, 2013

It’s 3 o’clock in the fucking morning and I’m partway through 6 new McCannecdotes – have you any idea how long it takes to search the internet for funny stories and then painstakingly go through them changing the names and locations, the sequence of events, all the words, and then adding funny bits so they accurately resemble things that happened to me. Ages I tell …

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McCannswers – Reader Survey #1

February 9, 2013 is now home to around 20,000 words of random mccanecdotal shit. This survey lets you have your say in the kind of shit I focus on for the next 20,000 words. Please give as much feedback as you can, it’s important to know what kind of shit people like and what shit hasn’t quite hit the mark. * note, in the free text questions, …

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The Darts Conundrum

January 27, 2013

It seems even this website itself isn’t immune to random happenings. I decided to take a look at my site’s stats to see how many reads I was getting on recent posts. One of the stats tells me how many people Share from the site – that is clicking one of the buttons on the posts themselves to share, rather than sharing my Facebook post. …

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What The Fuck Is This Shit?

August 23, 2009

Hello, welcome to my blog. A few people have suggested I should write down the comedy happenings which seem to occur everyday in my life, and most likely, those few people will be the only people who read this – really it would be quicker to phone them up each day and tell them over the phone. But maybe if I write everything down, I …

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