Who Wants To Date A Bosnian

July 4, 2014

My dating videos have generally been pretty successful, this is the story of one that bucked the trend, and made the girl in question … well, run away quickly. There are some similarities here with The Last Date I Never Had in that despite making great progress in the e-mailing and phone chatting stakes, the girl had a remarkably swift change of heart at the …

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The Swedophile Ring

April 30, 2013

With the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Malmo, Sweden this year, I’m already well-prepared in advance for the festivities, with a Swedish flag and a Swedish sash with Sweden written on it. Now some of you might think that I’m the kind of person who has national tat for every country in the world stocked up in my cupboards “just in case”. You’d be …

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Airport Insecurity

March 16, 2013

Me and airports don’t really get on. I think it stems from the notion of having to be there at a certain time (my timekeeping is legendary for all the wrong reasons) and also because there is such a grey area surrounding exactly how early you need to be. Do I really need to be there 2 hours before, can I get away with 1.5 …

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The Monastery & the Nude Beach

March 3, 2013

Ah, the nude beach story. A classic. In fact this is the only anecdote on this site that has been written about before, back on my old holiday blog from my trip around the former Yugoslavia in 2007. This seems like a more natural home for it as it is a true classic McCannecdote so I’m going to give it a reboot as is popular …

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Blood, Red Wine & Tears

February 3, 2013

Bambus used to be my drink of choice – it’s basically red wine and coke, and not as disgusting as you might think. As someone who never liked red wine, it was the perfect option in group situations where bottles were being shared and the kind of dinner being had dictated the colour of the wine (something I’ve never really understood). Just like smoking I …

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The Bosnian Hoax

January 29, 2013

I was out in Soho celebrating a birthday party in our IT team. It was my second engagement of the night after a celebratory well-done-everyone project completion party, so I was nicely oiled by the time I arrived for the birthday. I got chatting to a few IT people. I’d met them before but they were always too drunk to remember who I was the …

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