The Problems With Having A Website

When I started this blog, I intended it as an efficient way to keep about 6 people up-to-date on the latest shenanigans in my life without having to tell them, call them or e-mail them individually. A noble ambition. Now with literally “some” or even “dozens” of readers, I’ve realised my ambitions were too muted. […]

The Online Dating Game, Part II

A couple of weeks ago, I sent some of my online dating questionnaire to one my female friends, to see what she thought. She responded with just this mocking quote: “I found this really cute-sounding guy on eHarmony. Problem is, I think he uses humour as a defence-mechanism and is therefore emotionally unavailable” She was probably […]

The Online Dating Game, Part I

I signed up for an online dating site last year, with no real intention of actually meeting any “internet women” but out of curiosity about the whole thing and because a couple of people I knew were doing it and it seemed like a rich comedy goldmine. My boss wrote my profile because I was […]

Other Alan McCanns of the Internet 2 (the music edition)

So as I was googling my own name, I saw a suggested related search was “alan mccann music”. Now I knew to expect Alan McCann the sound engineer to pop up here, I’ll get on to him in a second, but I had a surprise in store with the reappearance of my original nemesis; .com-owning, […]

The Internet Dumbfuck Virus

As the internet began to be widely used, but was still relatively new, people began to realise fairly quickly that it could be used for mischief. I’m sure we all remember the chain letters that were so rife, and even with internet naivety fairly common, it’s still hard to forgive those who blindly forwarded mails […]

Other Alan McCanns of the Internet

I’ve had my legal department in my office all day, we have been discussing the potential complications of posting things that aren’t technically anecdotes on this site, and the legal ramifications of any action visitors may take against me, and against McCann Inc. should they feel misled by the anecdote-focussed nature of our marketing. My […]